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History of Pickens

Folger and Thornley Store on Main Street in Pickens as it appeared on October 21st, 1903
Mayfair Mills Pickens Plant Softball Team of 1977

On June 15, 1869, a handbill distributed in South Carolina’s Upcountry advertised the "Last Sale of Town Lots" for the new county of Pickens.

The ad stated, "The location is most desirable, one situated on a beautiful plateau and surrounded by a fertile region, with thrifty inhabitants and the village rapidly growing."

The town of Pickens was founded in 1868 and named for the Revolutionary War hero General Andrew Pickens. Scottish-Irish settlers were the original inhabitants of the Pickens area, with a few traders who lived among the Cherokees. When the new Pickens was being created, Elihu Griffin offered 40 acres of his land for the courthouse; it was this land being offered for sale in the 1869 handbill.

Much of the city's past is present today, giving a glimpse of its rich and fascinating heritage. Pickens County is proud to have the most Medal of Honor recipients per capita in the nation. This mixture of past and present is one of the factors which makes Pickens a place of historical interest and significance.

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